Nervous Patients Needn’t Worry When Visiting Leeds City Dentalcare

The most recent Adult Dental Health Survey was published in 2009, and backed up findings of earlier surveys, confirming that many people feel some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist. The most recent study found nearly half of adults have moderate or extreme anxiety when visiting the dentist, with increased levels of anxiety being felt at the prospect of injections or drilling. It is enough of a problem to prevent some people from seeking dental care, even when they are in pain. This is something we take very seriously at Leeds City Dentalcare, as we want all our patients to feel at ease and relaxed as possible when paying us a visit. Our staff aregenuinely interested in helping patients who feel anxious when entering our cosmetic dentistry Leeds, and are very experienced as we have been successfully treating anxious patients for years.

We realise that some people have felt unable to visit a dentist for years, possibly even decades, and if this resonates with you then you can rest assured that we will work with you to provide treatment at a pace you feel comfortable with. We won’t do anything unless you give us permission, and we’ll explain everything to you so you fully understand what is happening. We do not judge in any way, and only want to help you regain and maintain good oral health.

Your First Appointment with Leeds City Dentalcare

It is important to remember your first appointment with our dentist in Leeds is simply for a check-up, and will not involve any treatment. We make every effort to see our patients on time, so you won’t be kept hanging around in our waiting room as we realise this is something that can add to many peoples anxieties. This is your chance to become familiar with our surgery, and it gives us a chance to get to know you. You’ll find we take the time to talk to you, to discuss your concerns, and we’ll offer workable solutions to help alleviate anxiety. If you require any treatment then Dr David Brown or another of our dentists will discuss this with you, and can work with you to construct a treatment plan that you feel will work for you.

Receiving Treatment

Once you feel ready to receive dental treatment then you can be sure that you will remain in control at all times. We will stop the treatment at any time should you feel too uncomfortable to continue. If we think you look at all uncomfortable then we’ll stop to see how you are doing, and will continually check to ensure you still feel able to continue. Anxious patients often feel helpless when receiving dental treatment, and we find putting control back into their hands is very reassuring.

Oral health is very important, and once you are in the habit of receiving regular dental care then we hope you’ll feel far more comfortable about visiting Leeds City Dentalcare. The reality is that six monthly check-ups, combined with good dental care at home should help keep dental problems to a minimum. Any treatment you may need is likely to be quick and straightforward.

Still Concerned? Why Not Book a Hygienist Appointment First?

Recent changes by the General Dental Council mean it is now possible to see one of our hygienists in our Leeds surgery, without the need to see a dentist at the same time. If you are particularly apprehensive over receiving treatment you may find it easiest to book a scale and polish first. You’ll find our hygienists are very sympathetic towards anxious patients, and are able to help improve dental health through professionally cleaning your teeth and through education.

Dr. David S Brown

David is principal dentist & clinical director of Leeds City Dentalcare. Having graduated at Leeds University & at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, he joined the practice in 1990 & took over as principal in 1992. He has a passion for ensuring that we are equipped with the very latest & finest equipment available securing our place as one of the best equipped practices in Yorkshire.

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