What’s The Best Way to Replace a Missing Front Tooth?

Losing a tooth is never pleasant, but there’s something particularly emotive about having to say goodbye to a front tooth. The problem with using a front tooth is that it is so visible, and it’s something that definitely needs replacing if you care about your smile. There are several ways you can think about replacing this tooth, and Dr David Brown or another of our dentists will discuss all your options with you, including the price and time required for treatment.

Replacing Your Tooth with a Dental Bridge

This is still a very popular option as it is reasonably cost-effective and the results can look very nice indeed. Opting for an all ceramic bridge will give you the very best results, and most people would be hard pushed to tell the difference between your dental bridge and your natural teeth. All ceramic bridges have a translucency and vitality that is very similar to your natural teeth and can be closely matched to the shade of your remaining teeth. You’ll find your dental bridge is characterised and is individually shaded to provide replacement teeth that look just like your original teeth and probably even a little bit better.

One of the downside to having a traditional dental bridge is that it requires healthy teeth to be ground down as these will need to be crowned to act as anchors for the pontic or replacement tooth. An alternative would be to try something that is called a Maryland bridge as this has one or two wings that are attached to the pontic. These wings are cemented onto the back of the adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in position. Although modern dental cements are extremely good at this type of bridge can occasionally pop off and will need reattaching at Leeds City Dentalcare.

Replacing Your Tooth with a Partial Denture

Another option is to replace your tooth using a partial denture and this is the most cost effective method. Modern denture teeth can look extremely good, and your denture can be constructed in a way that will make it as easy as possible to use. In spite of this dentures can move around, and it’s all too easy to get food stuck underneath. Many people find them uncomfortable to wear, and of course they do need taking out each night for cleaning and should be left out while sleeping to allow the gun tissue time to recover.

Replacing Your Tooth with a Dental Implant

The third option is to replace a missing tooth with a single dental implant. This is the more expensive option compared to a bridge or a partial denture, but is also likely to be the most long-lived. Dentures need replacing every 3 to 6 years while dental bridges will last up to 10 years or maybe even longer. Dental implants in Leeds can last decades but do require good oral hygiene. Another major advantage of having a dental implant is that they are very good for oral health and won’t have any negative effects on your remaining teeth. However this option is right for everybody as it does require a small surgical procedure and you do need to be in good general health. It is important to emphasise that the surgical procedure is very quick, and Leeds City Dentalcare can ensure you’re kept comfortable right throughout the implant placement.

If you have any questions about the best way of replacing a front tooth then contact our dentist in Leeds, they will always do their best to answer any queries you might have.

Dr. David S Brown

David is principal dentist & clinical director of Leeds City Dentalcare. Having graduated at Leeds University & at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, he joined the practice in 1990 & took over as principal in 1992. He has a passion for ensuring that we are equipped with the very latest & finest equipment available securing our place as one of the best equipped practices in Yorkshire.

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