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Endodontics, or root canal treatment is often the last form of treatment which can be carried out in order to save a damaged tooth.

Previously such teeth may have had to be removed, leading to the problem of how to provide a replacement. However, with modern techniques it is now frequently possible to save such teeth.

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In the early stages, when a tooth becomes damaged by tooth decay we can usually repair the damage to the tooth by placing a filling (click here to read more about fillings). If the tooth is not treated in time then the decay will progress & will eventually start to affect the pulp (or nerve) which lives in the central part of the tooth. The first signs of the nerve having been affected are often pain or discomfort when you have a hot or cold drink, or eat something sweet. Even at this stage, if you come & see us promptly we may still be able to repair the damage for you simply by placing a filling. As the decay progresses, the discomfort will often gradually become worse & you will experience a more severe, throbbing toothache. This is sometimes a sign that the nerve has become irreversibly damaged which may be an indication that root canal treatment is required. If left longer, the nerve will eventually die & an abscess (or infection) will develop inside & underneath the dead tooth. This can become extremely painful & is certainly something which we should all seek to avoid.

There are other factors which can lead to the death of a nerve, which may include trauma (a blow to the tooth), or the presence of a large filling or maybe a fracture. All of these can lead to problems for the nerve.

If you suspect that one of your teeth may be affected in this way you should always mention it to your dentist so that we may carry out further tests to help diagnose whether treatment is required.

At Leeds City Dentalcare we carry out the latest form of rotary endodontic treatment. We have on hand the very latest facilities, allowing us to diagnose & treat your problem with the minimum of discomfort & allowing us to obtain the very best outcome for your tooth. Please remember that once a tooth has died, it can never repair itself & will always remain very vulnerable to developing an abscess. All too often we come across unfortunate cases where teeth such as these have been left untreated, only to find that they flare up at a time which is not at all convenient to the patient – sometimes while away on holiday for instance! It is always better to seek an opinion in plenty of time & we can advise you of the best course of action to take.

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