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Crowns are sometimes made of metal alloy and porcelain and act as a cover (or 'cap') for either a damaged or unsightly tooth. They are carefully crafted to look natural and blend in with surrounding teeth.

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More recent innovations allow the use of all porcelain crowns which are strong enough not to have any metal bonded to them. The big advantage here is that the crowns look much more natural, displaying more of the translucency a natural tooth often has. Because there is no metal in the crown, all porcelain crowns do not display any of the 'greying' around the neck of the tooth sometimes associated with older types of crowns. The latest Lava Zirconia™ crowns are a further type of all-ceramic crown providing excellent strength and the ultimate in dental aesthetics.

Crowns are a safe and effective dental restoration and are highly beneficial to cracked, broken, decayed or diseased teeth. Crowns may also be utilised to treat the following oral conditions; excessive grinding of teeth or an improper bite, an irritable large filling, ageing teeth and after a Root Canal Treatment when a tooth may become brittle. All porcelain (ceramic) crowns can sometimes also be of great benefit in helping to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth.

Porcelain Crowns look and feel so natural and no one will even know you have them!

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