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We will always provide an estimate prior to treatment and offer a choice of payment methods.

Payment may be made by cash, cheque or credit/debit cards and we request that you make payment on the day of treatment.

Fees and Charges

Please note the following are only a selection of the wide range of treatments we provide.

Enable us to diagnose your problems and address your concerns.
New Patient consultation. Includes a full dental examination, oral cancer screen and a discussion of your requirements and treatment options. Includes 2 X-Rays (If required) Fr £75.00
Routine examination. Carried out for established patients and includes a full dental examination and oral cancer screen £39.00
X-Rays. Latest ultra-low dose digital images each £14.85
Dental Hygiene Treatment
Cleaning and polishing with our Hygienists to ensure healthy gums and fresh breath £59.00
AIRFLOW Tooth Stain Removal, painlessly restores your teeth to their natural shade! £70.00
Restoring Teeth
With small to medium sized cavities you may choose from the following options:
Amalgam, a practical option but with a compromised appearance Fr £96.00
Composite, a tooth coloured alternative providing a superior appearance Fr (Front Tooth)
Fr (Back Tooth)
Restoring Teeth
With large cavities, you may choose from the following options:
Large Composite, a tooth coloured restoration and reasonably strong Fr £183.00
Porcelain-Alloy Crown, resilient and with reasonably good aesthetics £464.00
CEREC Cad/Cam Inlay - the latest technology. Long-lasting,
very conservative (saving more of your tooth), and with great appearance £476.00
CEREC Emax Crown- Strong, great aesthetics and same-day fitting £572.00
Lava Zirconia Crown- Very strong and great aesthetics £651.00
Tooth Whitening
Giving you the confidence a brighter/whiter smile can bring
Leeds City Dentalcare tooth whitening treatment £325.00
Reshape and whiten all at the same time Fr £481.00
Tooth Removal
Have confidence in the knowledge that you are in good hands Fr £105.00
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Fr £328.90
Extractions Fr £120.00
Many options ranging from simple acrylic to cobalt-chrome (Alloy)
Economy acrylic dentures
A cost-effective option Fr £495.00
Our top of the range Cosmetic Dentures Fr £675.00
Dental Implants
The most elegant solution to replace missing teeth! We utilise the Highest quality Straumann Implants, & Crowns from one of the top rated labs in the UK. We are also able to carry out bone-grafting (without the use of bovine or porcine sourced bone products), & sinus-lift procedures when required.
Single Straumann Implant Fr £2750.00
Orthodontic Treatment
To correct those crooked teeth and improve your smile:
Initial Orthodontic or Cosmetic Consultation £38.00
Invisalign™ Invisible tooth alignment. Fr £2047.00
Quick Straight Teeth Fr £1500.00
Six-month Smiles, Quick Straight Teeth, Fast-Braces and many other cost-effective options available. Please ask your dentist

Practice plans

Plan 1    
2 x routine examinations,
2 x hygienist appointments,
Routine bitewing x-rays, when required
£18.85 per month
Plan 2    
2 x routine examinations,
4 x hygienist appointments,
Routine bitewing x-rays, when required
£28.65 per month