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Gaps in your teeth not only detract from an otherwise beautiful smile but can also create problems for other teeth as they become free to drift (yes, teeth actually do move around!) in to the space once occupied by the missing tooth.

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This means that little gaps can start to appear adjacent to the missing tooth, & the tooth or teeth in the opposing jaw may start to grow (or over-erupt) in to the newly found space in the opposite jaw. This is something which we obviously would like to prevent as once movement takes place it can be more complicated to correct. The loss of a tooth may also cause a change in facial profile. In addition, whenever a tooth is lost more load is placed on the remaining teeth when we chew. This is more likely to lead to fractures if any of those teeth are weak & this is another reason why it may be desirable to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth.

One of the ways in which we can achieve this is by providing a bridge. By using one or both teeth on either side of the gap as anchors (or retainers as we call them), a bridge is able to replace a missing tooth or more than one tooth in some cases.

A bridge may be made from various materials including gold alloys fused to porcelain (ceramics), or in some cases all-ceramic bridges may be utilised providing the very best of aesthetic results. The bridge is bonded firmly in place & provides a much more comfortable & elegant solution than that of a denture. In this way a bridge may be a great way in which to restore your smile, providing not only a great improvement in function (chewing ability), but also helping to improve your confidence & self-esteem following the loss of a tooth.

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