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CEREC™ is one of the most exciting developments in dentistry in many years.

CEREC is quite unlike anything we have previously utilised in dentistry. The concept & materials involved first started to be developed over 20 years ago in Germany. During that time they have evolved significantly, but importantly we still have good long-term clinical studies demonstrating the excellent lifespan of CEREC fillings & crowns. The difficulty has always been in providing this technology in the surgery setting & that’s where our new 3D MCXL unit really transforms things.

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Leeds City Dentalcare was the first practice in the UK to install this revolutionary piece of equipment. Using a tiny infra-red camera we scan the teeth which we will be working on & complex software allows us to create a ‘virtual’ restoration. This could be an Inlay (similar to a filling), or a crown (‘cap’). Then for the best bit – all this information is sent by wireless link to our milling unit at the practice which creates a perfect copy of the design out of a solid block of a specially designed porcelain. It’s so accurate that it can mill down to 7.5 microns (a human hair is around 200 microns).

We then bond this ceramic to the remainder of your tooth & end up with a finished result which not only looks great but is far stronger than a conventional filling & in many situations is even better than a traditional crown. The whole process is much more conservative meaning that we only have to remove the bad parts of your tooth & we manage to save just about everything else – that’s a huge advantage! And the whole process can be completed in a single visit. Our patients love the benefits that CEREC can offer. No more temporary crowns, no impressions to be taken, & only one visit to see us which means less of your valuable time taken up.

CEREC™ is available in lots of different shades & even different translucencies so we can match accurately to your remaining teeth producing beautiful, natural, long-lasting results.

Will CEREC in my mouth last forever? No, no dental restoration is likely to last forever. But clinical studies show that CEREC is likely to outlast just about any other form of restoration.

Now that there’s CEREC, does this mean that conventional crowns are obsolete? No – there are still certain situations in which we would choose to use a conventional crown & we will always advise if this is the case.

Would we at Leeds City Dentalcare have CEREC in our own mouths? Definitely! Many of us have. Some of us (David) have a considerable number!

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