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Private Patients are always welcome as new patients to our practice. In addition, we would be delighted to look after your children aged between 12 months & 18 years of age (19 if in full-time education) free of charge as NHS Patients.

We will also undertake (if you so request), to offer Private alternatives for any treatment which they may from time to time require, if there is going to be a tangible benefit to their health & wellbeing by doing so. This is not a prerequisite to their becoming patients of our practice and means that you, as a parent, have a choice as to the type of treatment your child receives.

We are happy to discuss any aspect of your child's Dental Care & always welcome input from parents.

Dental Hygiene appointments with our hygienist are also available on a private basis for our younger patients if you would like them to benefit from these beneficial sessions from time to time.

Mrs B Johnson (Leeds)
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QouteExcellent Care throughout a long & complicated treatment. Finally removed my fear of dentistry! Very pleased with the final results. Many thanks to Leeds City Dentalcare!Qoute

Mrs B Johnson (Leeds)

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